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The Trojan Granada 2 bath starts out life as a sheet of 8mm thick acrylic sheet that is formed to a comfortable design to provide a strong, long-lasting bath to suit a busy household. With a capacity of 140 Litres, you will be able to enjoy a long hot soak in comfort. No pre-drilled holes - your plumber can do this for you.

A deserved reputation for manufacturing quality products
From small beginnings in 1975, Trojan Plastics has become one of the largest manufacturers of acrylic baths in Europe, with a reputation for manufacturing high quality products.As a company we continually invest in new designs, plant and equipment in order to keep moving forward in an ever evolving and fiercely dynamic and competitive global market. At all levels of our organisation, we remain the forerunners of our industry. We set the standard in bath manufacturing both within the UK and overseas. Our products are manufactured to a high standard and specification, always at a competitive price. Each person within our customers’ organisation is paramount to us. We have a responsibility to show every customer our core strengths, educate them on our products and demonstrate our manufacturing ability. We are confident that we are the number one choice in bath and panel purchase, but the customer remains the key element to our success.
Quality is at the heart of our philosophy

UK Heritage
Rest assured if you choose a Trojan Plastics bath you will have bought a quality product that has been manufactured entirely in the UK. Our 11 acre site in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, includes three separate bath manufacturing factories, each one designed for a specific manufacturing purpose, including a specialist factory that manufactures our Trojancast baths. By keeping each of these factories separate we can be confident that each and every product made is manufactured to a high standard with no compromises.

Since Trojan Plastics was founded in 1975 the philosophy of the company has remained the same: produce a quality product using the best possible materials. Our skilled craftsmen take great pride in their work to ensure you have the best possible bathing experience. Our obsession with quality is complemented by our policy of continual investment in new equipment. This combined approach means we are now one of the leading bath manufacturers in the world.

Sanitary grade cell cast acrylic sheet has many positive attributes which make it ideal for manufacturing baths. Acrylic allows itself to be moulded into many shapes, enabling our in-house design team to create products that are ergonomically conscious and reflective of market trends. Acrylic is warm to touch and retains the water’s heat thanks to its natural insulating properties, enabling you to relax and unwind for longer. The natural gloss of cast acrylic is not only a surface finish but is all the way through the acrylic sheet, resulting in a product that is smooth and so easy to clean.

All Trojan Plastics baths come with a confident 25 year guarantee against manufacturing defects. Trojan Plastics uses only sanitary grade cell cast acrylic sheet in the manufacturing of its baths. This sheet has been tested and passed to EN263 / BS7015 by an independent and industry recognised company, Smithers Rapra. All Trojan Plastics products carry the CE marking, complying with EU legislation. Trojan Plastics baths are manufactured, tested and passed to the European and British Standard (EN198/BS4305) – giving you complete peace of mind.